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If you are under 18 or do not have an Australian Driving Licence print off the relevant forms from the FORMS page.

Be sure to check out the other pages for important information.

Your safety is my top priority.

The Western Australia Recreational Skippers' Ticket is the FIRST step towards being safe at sea.

I promise to make you aware of the dangers at sea and of your responsibility to others as a Skipper. Whether you are at sea in a canoe with an electric motor or a large power boat with lots of oomph; the dangers are ever present.

The biggest danger we all face is COMPLACENCY or just not knowing the dangers. Some of the simplest things can lead to a catastrophic event; being aware of them is the first step towards bringing these risks under control.

I will prepare you to take and pass the Recrational Skippers' Ticket theory test through thorough training, discussion and role play.

Once you have successfully passed the theory you will go on to be trained and assessed in the eleven essential skills of the practical test in my training craft.

I guarantee that you will learn lots of useful skills and most of all have fun while learning.

MiCa maritime training
Safety through awareness, preparation and training
Email: michael@cardy.org ABN: 71 199 782 394